Field day is a time when ham radio operators come together to hone their skills and test their craft. This particular page is dedicated to providing a scalable power distribution system for Amateur Radio Operators during Field Day. For more information about the Amateur Radio Relay League Field day, see the ARRL Field Day Webpage.

Safe, Deliberate, Scalable, Robust, and Redundant Portable DC Power Distribution System for Field Day

Safe distribution of 12 volt power to a number of stations is always a challange at Ham Radio Field Day. Some of these challanges include:

Every prepared amateur would probably want to have a set of high quaility jumper cables in their vehicle. What is great is that these jumper cables can be easily be modified to alleviate this annually temporary problem of DC distribution on Field Day?

The method outlined below is an attempt to simplify that challange at the most minimal of cost for what would be a relatively expensive system. Though each of these amateurs is completely capable of being self-sufficeint by themselves, when we come together as a group, power distribution becomes more complicated. Feel free to cut to the chase and skip to the photos below for the bottom line up front. -Enjoy.

As amateur radio operators, we work our equipment on a very regular basis. There is an antenna and a radio and other equipment. That radio requires some type of power supply, be it a: battery, solar cells, or a converter that provides 12 volts of DC power. All of us are able to provide ourselves the power that we need to run our own equipment. The page below will outline one way to be able to provide power for one's self as well as be able to easily fall into a community power distribution system that will allow one to pull and or provide power as needed. This system allows the cost of what would be a relatively expensive power distribution system to be minimized and spread across a number of individual users.

Whether you have a full power system complete with batteries and solar charging, or only batteries, or maybe one only has Anderson PP30 PowerPole connected equipment: Bring the equipment that you have and get in where you fit it.

Any comments or suggestions for improvement are always welcome at the email address below.

Thanks to Steve Morse KI6HGH for the assistance with the technical review.

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