*** Before starting on AQWPE with a SignaLink, it is important to realize that this is not the prefered method for packet radio. This is an option when no other options are avialable, for whatever reason. Packet with a SignaLink requires very fine tuning of both RX and TX sound levels as well as fine tuning of the TX Delay. It took me a couple of hours of fine tuning the SignaLink before it operated correctly.

AGWPE was developed and maintained by: SV2AGW

Installing agwpe:

Connect your SignaLink to a USB port before configuring the AGWPE software.

1. Right Click on the AGW Packet Engine file-it looks like the file that is circled in red below: (It has an icon that is supposed to look like twin radio towers.)

Right Click on AGWPE to start.

2. Select Open to open to start the file.

Select Open to Start.

3. Your anti-virus or operating system may ask to block the software from running. Select to allow the program to run.

Allow AGWPE to run on your computer.

4. You will be asked to read and Agree to the Software License Agreement. Click I Agree.

Agree to End User Licensing Agreement.

5. You will see the twin radio towers icon show up in the system tray in the lower right corner of your screen. See the red circle below:

Sometimes AGWPE will show up in the system tray.

6. Sometimes, you may not see the icon in the system tray. Click on the arrow (circled in red) to see the hidden icons. You may see the icon here (circled in blue).

Sometimes AGWPE will show up in the hidden icons area.

7. Right Click on the icon and select: Properties.

Right click on twin radio towers to select properties.

8. Select: New Port.

Select New Port.

9. Make several configuration changes here:

Select configurations for SignaLink.

10. When you select SoundCard-another window will appear. Select the sound card for your device. A SignaLink will be: Microphone(USB Audio CODEC). Other sound cards may have different titles.

Select USB Audio Codec for SignaLink.

11. When complete, select OK to close the configurations options page. You will still need to completely Exit and restart AGWPE for these settings to take effect.

Select OK to close the configurations options page.

12. Close AGWPE by right clicking on the icon in the Hidden Icons area of the System Tray.

Exit AGWPE for settings to take effect.

13. Double CLick on the AGW Packet Engine file to restart AGWPE.

Right Click on AGWPE to start.

14. If your SignaLink is connected, you will see both the twin radio towers icon along with an icon of a sound card.

AGWPE is properly started when twin radio towers with sound card are displayed in hidden icons.

15. With AGWPE running, connect a radio to the SignaLink and start a packet program such as Outpost Packet Manager.

AGWPE Set-up options: Here

Return to Instructions for Outpost Packet Manager: Here.

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